Google Eyes Canadian Startups and Tech Entrepreneurs


Being at RIM’s doorstep has helped the developer community in Southern Ontario grow tremendously. Smaller companies and startups have been setting up offices nearby that have given rise to a strong support network of startups, mobile developers and entrepreneurs.

In the past year, Google has spent over $100 million dollars acquiring a handful of Canadian tech startups.

With acquisitions in the gaming, content distribution and payment, Google’s Waterloo offices have grown with a strong mobile focus. Here are a few of the recent additions:

Social Deck is a social gaming platform that specializes in content discovery, distribution and monetization.

PushLife is a cross-platform digital content management and distribution system for mobile.

Zetawire developed their own mobile banking advertizing technology, identity management, credit card and mobile coupon transaction processing.

It’s interesting to see what catch-up moves Google is making in growing it’s mobile business. Tapping a competitor’s developer ecosystem is becoming a bit easier now that mobile developers are developing for multiple platforms. I’m not surprised that Google is paying close attention to the innovative yet underrated Canadian Tech sector.