Today is Launch Day for the PlayBook - Getting One?


playbook in store

The BlackBerry PlayBook goes on sale today and it should be interesting to see the sales figures roll in. We’re also curious at how well RIM handles the launch of an entirely new product line. So far, it seems it may not have been a good idea to get the review units out as they weren’t completely finished. If RIM had held back review units, they probably would have caught flack from the various tech sites around the Internet, but maybe that would have generated a more positive buzz for the company than negative.

When it comes to PlayBook supply, we’ve been hearing that the distribution channels are a little disorganized. This is pretty typical as RIM has invested a lot in the carrier and retail channels, which makes it difficult to siphon off devices for developers and reviewers. There are plenty of people in both camps that are still looking for their PlayBook. BlackBerryCool contributor Aaron is ready to sell some PlayBooks but it seems his store only has 2. We’ve heard one Source location in Ottawa only has 7 PlayBooks, but none of this is confirmed with the company, but comes from employees. Lets wait and see what the numbers say.

  • WickeeWickee

    I’d love one, but not looking great. Don’t have the extra cash, and submitted an app but still no accept or reject word on it, so guess not getting that one either, haha. Still excited to see one in the store, and will hopefully still be able to save towards one.

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