Peak: A Native BaseCamp by 37Signals App Now Available


BaseCamp is a great tool by 37Signals that lets small businesses and startups coordinate and get the team moving more efficiently. The last BaseCamp app we wrote about was the Kompass for BaseCamp app that is a web-based tool for managing your BaseCamp account. The app is cool and the decision to use the web makes sense when you look at how many small businesses have a lot of device fragmentation, but a native app was still needed. Native apps just run smoother and are accessible offline.

Recently, developer Ryan Nickel launched his native BaseCamp app called Peak that’s available in App World. The app lets you manage your to-do lists, milestones, messages and get an outline of all tasks assigned to you.

Read more about Peak at the developer’s site.

You can also just head straight to App World and get Peak for yourself. The app costs $4.99.