PhoneTag Lets You Share Location and Chat with Friends in Real-Time


PhoneTag is a really cool free app that combines location and messaging into one platform. The app lets you securely share your location and see your friends’ locations – then communicate with each other in real time. To use the app, you invite friends to join your PhoneTag session and everyone who accepts can see each other on a map and chat in real-time. The app lets you set preferences on location sharing, and lets you keep sessions open for minutes, days or forever. Other features of PhoneTag include:

Multiple Sessions – Have a session with your family, another for business, and another for friends. Have as many as you want.
Groups – You save your friends into your favorite groups for easy session start.
Directions – Meeting with a friend? Just select their icon and get directions right to them.
In app communication – Select your friends icon and you text or call them privately
Hide your location – Don’t want to be found for a while? You can hide your location in one session or all your sessions or you can leave a session anytime you choose.
Social Integration – Want everyone to know where you are? Just publish it in app with Facebook or Twitter.
Meet up with your friends – Need to select a meeting location? Just use the search function, find a place to meet, and set it as the destination, everyone in the session sees it and knows where to go.
Group communication – Use the chat feature to talk to everyone in the session

You can grab a free copy of PhoneTag for BlackBerry in App World. Other platforms can grab it from the PhoneTag website.

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