BlackBerry PlayBook TV Spot Shows How It Differs From Other Tablets


A BlackBerry Playbook TV spot recently aired in North America and the 30-second spot showed off some of the features differentiating the Playbook from other tablets. The ad places a big emphasis multitasking, desktop-like browsing and portability.

The browsing experience seems to always be the star of the show, probably because Flash is the most obvious missing feature from the iPad. They’ve been showcasing Vimeo to show that the browser is capable of running Flash video just like a desktop browser. Also, it’s not just Flash, but Flash 10.2 which supports Stage Video. Stage Video will deliver better video quality while making more efficient use of the processor and memory.

Portability is a big feature RIM wants to promote, and it’s definitely a huge advantage over the iPad which doesn’t fit in your pocket. The larger tablets by comparison seem to be destined to remain in the coffeeshop or the coffee table. The ad shows a very wieldable tablet with enough room for the hands to be holding on to the tablet while the thumbs do the typing in typical BlackBerry fashion.

Multitasking is the real gem of the BlackBerry Playbook OS, though I find the use cases that they present a bit odd. Putting your eReader on pause to resume a video of extreme surfing doesn’t really mesh. It shows off that you can multitask as opposed to giving a good reason as to why someone should be multitasking. To me multitasking on a BlackBerry is almost always replying to a message quickly and getting back to what you were doing before.

What did you think of the new Playbook ad?

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