Audrey Draw is a Simple and Fun PlayBook App for Your Kids


Audrey Draw is a simple app that lets you scribble colors on the PlayBook and let your child’s imagination run wild. Here at BlackBerryCool, we’ve given a lot of attention to kid-friendly apps because we know a lot of BlackBerry and PlayBook users that are on the go and have children to take care of as well. On a long plane ride somewhere? Just pass them your PlayBook (in a case/cover) and let them paint. There’s no mess to clean up afterwards and you’re getting them familiar with the tools of the future. Audrey Draw features:

  • True multi-touch draw
  • Multiple pen sizes
  • Multiple background paper textures
  • Ability to save drawings
  • Unobtrusive, friendly, slide out menu

Audrey Draw is a good start and we’d like to see a few more features including the ability to email a drawing from the app. If your kid is going to be the next Picasso, those scribbles will be worth something some day.

Check out Audrey Draw in App World at this link.