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RIM Acquires Innovative Calendar App Maker


RIM has announced its acquisition of, makers of the innovative calendar and scheduling app. has an ingenious system of plugging into existing calendar apps and the cleverest feature of being able to share your availability with people you wish to meet with. Ease of use, compatibility and portability are design philosophies that have led to Tungle’s popularity among 40% of Fortune 1000 companies and lots of universities and colleges.

No direct news on whether or not the new RIM-led Tungle will continue to develop and support software for the two competing mobile platforms they support: iOS and Android. In the open letter to customers about the acquisition, Tungle CEO and founder Marc Gingras wrote that the “Tungle team is focusing on putting the puck in the net for you, our customers.” This leads me to believe that they won’t be dropping out of markets they are already a success in. should make a good addition to RIM’s first-party software library.

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5 Products That Would Be Awesome If Branded BlackBerry


Cool CTV video showing some of the ways QNX can be used other than PlayBook.

You really get the feeling a new age is dawning with RIM. With the acquisitions of QNX, TAT and Torch Mobile, there’s a lot of potential on the horizon. Also, consumers are demanding a lot more than just smartphones and RIM’s first foray into the tablet market shows its willingness to enter relatively new markets. Companies like Apple and Google are well diversified in the products they offer, and RIM still seems like a bit of a one trick pony. But if RIM were to enter more markets with the BlackBerry brand, here are 5 we would love to see:
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Allied Wallet Credit Card Payments App Available for BlackBerry


allied wallet
Screenshot of Android version of app.

Allied Wallet is another mobile payment service that has recently launched a BlackBerry app to complement its existing iPhone and Android offerings. The app is a free ewallet for users to store, send, and receive funds. With Allied Wallet, you can manage your mobile wallet with some of the following features:

  • Link up your bank account, credit card, pre-paid card to your ewallet for quick and easy funding.
  • Send money from home, work, or anywhere in the world.
  • settle transactions in many different currencies
  • Allied Wallet’s ewallet is free for buyers.
  • Shop without sharing financial information.
  • You list your details only once, rather than many times at many websites.
  • 100% protection from unauthorized payments sent from your ewallet account.

To grab the free app, head over to from your BlackBerry to grab the .JAD file.

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How to Watch Hulu on Your BlackBerry PlayBook


If you’re Canadian, sorry but this guide won’t help you. For Americans who want to view Hulu from their PlayBook, it’s actually not that difficult. The above code gives you the ability to search for Hulu videos and play them, circumventing Hulu’s block on the BlackBerry PlayBook user agent. By using the search field, you aren’t visiting the Hulu site directly so you get all the Hulu goodness you want. Be sure to watch these videos on a WiFi connection if you don’t have an unlimited data plan and especially don’t watch them while roaming.

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BlackBerry PlayBook TV Spot Shows How It Differs From Other Tablets


A BlackBerry Playbook TV spot recently aired in North America and the 30-second spot showed off some of the features differentiating the Playbook from other tablets. The ad places a big emphasis multitasking, desktop-like browsing and portability.

The browsing experience seems to always be the star of the show, probably because Flash is the most obvious missing feature from the iPad. They’ve been showcasing Vimeo to show that the browser is capable of running Flash video just like a desktop browser. Also, it’s not just Flash, but Flash 10.2 which supports Stage Video. Stage Video will deliver better video quality while making more efficient use of the processor and memory.
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Cobra Tag Helps You Never Lose Your Keys with Hardware and App Combo


Cobra tag

The Cobra Tag system is a pretty cool way to not lose your keys. The system is a hardware and software combo that tracks your keys with an app, allowing you to get notified if they’re too far out of range, as well as locate them once they’re lost. The tag can also be placed on things other than your keys, such as a laptop bag or suitcase. The app is powered by Phone Halo, a company that has been making this kind of software for some time, and also has a tag for $30, with an iOS version coming soon.

The Cobra Tag costs $60. See the site for more details.

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