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PhoneTag Lets You Share Location and Chat with Friends in Real-Time


ripple phonetag app

PhoneTag is a really cool free app that combines location and messaging into one platform. The app lets you securely share your location and see your friends’ locations – then communicate with each other in real time. To use the app, you invite friends to join your PhoneTag session and everyone who accepts can see each other on a map and chat in real-time. The app lets you set preferences on location sharing, and lets you keep sessions open for minutes, days or forever. Other features of PhoneTag include:
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BlackBerry World Wireless Achievement Awards


blackberry world voting

RIM set up a voting site for the Wireless Achievement Awards at BlackBerry World and there 3 apps to vote on. The Achievement Awards are a little suspect as there are only 3 apps in the finals and they’re all developed by large enterprise organizations. In any case, if you’re a fan of any of these apps, you can head over and vote. The voting site closes 5:00pm EST on Tuesday May 3rd.

BlackBerry Podcasts App Updated to Version 1.5 for North America


podcast app

The BlackBerry Podcasts app has been updated to version 1.5 for North America. The app is pretty decent but there are a lot of third party apps for listening to podcasts already available. In this latest version, new features include:

  • Addition of a preview or play option while the podcast is downloading
  • Web podcast searching with integrated Google search
  • Improved content presentation within categories: the first 40 listings in each category will be “featured content,” a combination of the most popular feeds and RIM-programmed feeds

To download the latest version of the Podcasts app, head over to You can also read more about it on Inside BlackBerry.

Pictures from the BlackBerry PlayBook Launch in NYC


playbook nyc

The PlayBook launch in NYC happened a little while ago and we have a few pictures of the event courtesy of @bberrygo. The coolest part of the event is clearly the fact that everyone got a free PlayBook, and this group will be the first to provide valuable feedback on what the tablet needs. Click through for more pictures.
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app store number comparisons
Click the image to embiggen.

There’s an infographic going around that was created by OnlineSchools depicting the number of apps for each smartphone platform. What’s interesting about it is just how much they’ve underreported the BlackBerry app numbers, and how little those reporting on the infographic are scrutinizing it. According to the infographic, BlackBerry only has 2,779 apps.

Not too long ago we did a breakdown of the number of apps in App World and we were incredibly conservative about what can be considered an app. Removing duplicates, eBooks and themes, App World still has around 9,000 apps. But that’s just App World. As we all know, you can get a BlackBerry app from third party sites and places other than App World, not to mention all of the enterprise apps that aren’t distributed in App World either.

Here are some quotes from sites that reported the news, showing just how little people question these numbers:
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Premium Blockade Tetris-Style Game Available for $0.99


blockade tetris style game

We’ve been tracking the progress of Blockberry, a Tetris-style game that was available free on Papped’s website. The game has been updated with more features and is now available as a premium game for $0.99. In the latest version of Blockade, the game features:

  • Supports saving of games and loading. Stop a game and resume it later!
  • Native Blackberry application now rather than a Java midlet.
  • Improved background processing and game always pauses when game is interrupted.
  • Signed application.
  • Blocks change color when they lock into place.
  • Prompt on exit, other UI popups added.
  • New sounds and music.
  • Much faster loading and quitting.

Get more information about Blockade and download at this link.