Gist Social Address Book Now Available for the Torch


Gist lets you organize your contacts and keep them updated by leveraging the social connections. Gist gives you access to your contacts’ updates with a menu button press, integrating deep into the BlackBerry and giving you a Super App experience. But of course we would expect this considering the company was aquired by RIM.

Details for this version:

  • Get news, status updates, and contact details for everyone in your network.
  • See a unified contact list across email, social networks, and other sources.
  • Use Search to navigate the contact list quickly, or sort the list by Name or Importance. Importance is a score based on your interactions with people in your network.
  • Easily share a social update or news item via email.
  • Add contacts from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and your email accounts to your BlackBerry smartphone by using the Gist web application together with Gist for BlackBerry.

Download Gist for your BlackBerry Torch at this App World link.

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