Steve Balmer and Mike Lazaridis Announce RIM-Microsoft Partnership


Today during Mike Lazaridis’ keynote speech at BlackBerry World, Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer made a surprise appearance and announced a partnership between Microsoft and RIM. The partnership involves the integration of Microsoft’s Bing search engine into the Universal Search feature of the BlackBerry OS.

Slated for a holiday 2011 launch, the new search integration will be designed not just to search for text and relevancy, but to also utilize location and social graph to deliver highly contextual answers about your area before even needing to ask.

The developer leading the project Blaise Agüera y Arcas spoke of bringing search results “right to the glass”. He spoke of the search “completing a task” bringing useful information right to the user in a mobile context instead of prompting the user to sift through results.

This fine-tuning of the search will require less clicks to find what you are looking for; less clicks means time saved.

For more info about the announcement, check out Microsoft’s press release.

  • Hardened

    @ VGSears; I didn’t like BING at all in the beginning either - but its growing on me. For some reason Bing doesn’t integrate results too well in Windows within Firefox, but on Mobile devices like iOS its getting a LOT better.

    In this day & age we REALLY need more competition in the search & content results space. critically so.

    Odd enough how Microsoft will be using Nokia’s “Navtech” service & satellites - the largest in the entire world/space for Windows Mobile 7; really strange as it’ll integrate for competitors as well. Actually on the desktop this is ALREADY used - so what’s with this deal? I need to research this further.

  • IT News

    RIM & Microsoft announce Bing as default search and maps on BlackBerry, This is great for the Bing.

  • IT News

    RIM & Microsoft announce Bing as default search and maps on BlackBerry, This is great for the Bing.

  • Walter

    Sounds like Microsoft is getting their foot in the door. is RIM the next Nokia?

    I don’t mind RIM offering BING, but I definitely do mind them forcing us to us BING regardless of its qualities or lack there of.