Unsubscribe.com Launches BlackBerry App That Reduces Marketing Emails


I caught up with the folks at Unsubscribe.com who have just launched their BACN unsubscription app for BlackBerry. Unsubscribing is not always the easiest of processes and they have found that users procrastinate managing the marketing emails that they’ve signed for by deleting the message immediately.

Unsubscribe.com solves this problem by adding an “unsubscribe” option in the BlackBerry menu. When you find an email that you no longer want updates to, select it and then hit unsubscribe in the menu. Unsubscribe.com will use their database to properly inform the company of your wishes. They also put pressure on offenders who do not have an easily accessible unsubscription option.

In a world where BACN is the new SPAM, Unsubscribe.com is the new SPAM blocker.

Download the Unsubscibe.com app for BlackBerry