5 Cool Instances of BBM Integration in BlackBerry Apps


foursquare BBM Social

BlackBerry Messenger is a really powerful platform. It’s also incredibly disruptive when you consider that 100 billion BBM messages are sent each month. Consider how the carrier must view that. BBM is taking 100 billion messages away from the carriers that would have otherwise been done over SMS. We’ve been talking about the BBM Social Platform a lot lately because it’s a natural progression of BBM to bring more users together and bring apps into the fold. Here are 5 companies and apps doing cool stuff with the BBM Social Platform:

Foursquare - Viral App Distribution

Foursquare has leveraged BBM to help increase the viral distribution of the app. When a user checks-in to a venue, this appears in their BBM feed and allows other users to download the app from App World. Check out the screenshot above to see what this looks like.

Jingu - Build Avatars and More

Jingu is a cool company that we heard about at BlackBerry World. The company has made an app that lets you build avatars, send custom emoticons, BBM your friends and chat in a more custom manner. Jingu also leverages location to build to help you find more BBM friends.

indience - BBM integration with Unvired BlackBerry Suite

Indience InfoSystems gave a cool demo at BlackBerry World of BBM integration with SAP and the Unvired BlackBerry Suite. With Unvired, users in the enterprise space can leverage BBM to communicate with the team more efficiently. Whether it’s about sales leads or general strategy chat, BBM can be used to bring the organization together.

Kobo - Social Reading

With the Kobo eReader Social Reading feature, you can discover which of your BBM contacts have the book you may want to purchase, and allows you to chat with them and ask for recommendations. The close-friend recommendation is really powerful and goes a long way to encouraging more book purchases, just as it will help apps spread virally.

BBM Soccer App

Sky Sports will be releasing a soccer app that leverages BBM to allow users to view live commentary of games and discuss the plays. We’ve heard that BBM activity hit epic levels during the World Cup and the Sky Sports app will surely be able to ride this wave.