Twinkle Event Tracking App Updated with In-App Purchases and More


twinkle event

Twinkle is a useful and simple app that lets you set and keep track of upcoming and past events. Worried about missing your anniversary? Set a Twinkle alert and make sure you know it’s coming. Twinkle tells you how far away an event is, and allows you to send events to and from your BlackBerry’s native calendar. The app also gives you the ability to add and edit events, lets you keep track of how soon something is, or how long it has been since an event. Furthermore on devices with OS 6.0 Twinkle integrates with universal search, making it easier then ever to find your events.

In version 2.2 of Twinkle, you can use keyboard shortcuts as well as in-app purchases to remove advertising (for $0.99). Check out Twinkle in App World at this link.

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