Analysts Make Sweeping Judgements About Smartphone Industry


Analysts are getting ridiculous these days: making far fetched claims about the smartphone industry without adequately justifying their statements. Most recently, analysts have taken to saying “BB is ded, go get iphone insted.” The barely intelligible statement will probably hit RIM’s stock again, which is already taking a beating. It’s statements like these that don’t take into account the fact that RIM is quarter over quarter shipping millions of smartphones and managed to weather one of the worst recessions in history. In any case, see the above video for evidence of analysts spreading their bias, without giving us any long term statistical analysis that proves their hard line stance against RIM and its products.

  • Simon Sage


  • Elle

    I hate ‘analysts’ almost as much as I hate ‘consultants’. 

    Just because you own a smartphone and read RSS feeds every other day, that doesn’t mean you’re a bonafide industry analyst. It means you’re a moron with a computer and too much time on your hands.

  • Kyle McInnes

    I guess the joke is only funny if you actually watch the video. Seems many didn’t.

  • DigitalHomeBoy

    “ded” or “dead”?

  • Hardened

    that’s funny that QNX and Android will bring the death of Apple … yet Microsoft & the industry almost did … look at Apple today amongst the largest $$  coffers in the industry and growing at an exponential rate. 

    There is more to their success than just fashionable advertising and fan boy marketing. RIM has been taking serious queues and if you pay attention there is more than meets the eye.