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A Preview of Upcoming BlackBerry Devices: Apollo, Torch 2 and Monaco


It’s an interesting time for BlackBerrys as the company has been getting slammed in the media. One analyst even went as far as saying that RIM has lost the consumer market. One of the reasons the company is probably not doing well with the media lately is because RIM is in a transition period. The company is embarking on an entirely new operating system for its devices and it has a lot of potential. In the meantime, RIM is going to release a series of devices that look like decent upgrades to the current product lines, but will probably not garner the attention they should from media. Also, there’s a lot of questions in the air about whether the upcoming QNX OS will be able to run on these devices, or if people will be purchasing hardware that won’t be able to get the next year’s software. Let’s take a look at what this summer has to offer.
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SmrtGuard Giving Away a PlayBook and Free Subscriptions for 2nd Birthday


SmrtGuard is celebrating their 2nd birthday and they’ve got some great giveaways for the occasion. In an industry where tech companies come and go pretty quickly, it’s great to see a company like SmrtGuard staying strong and continuing to update their software. We’re hoping SmrtGuard will be around until they get acquired for millions and live out the rest of their days smoking cigars on a giant pile of cash. So how do you win awesome free stuff? Simple:

1. Point your BlackBerry to or visit to download and sign up.
2. Activate your account and DONE!
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Analysts Are Pressuring RIM and Investors to Change Executive Management


Northern Securities analyst Sameet Kanade, recently wrote an open letter to RIM, asking the company to consider dropping Balsillie as a co-CEO, among other recommendations. There are other analysts who seem to be echoing this sentiment such as Charter Equity analyst Ed Snyder, who said “Jim and Mike brought the company to where it is … which is part of the biggest problem they’re facing.” He added, “They’re stuck in the past. They know what worked and keep playing that card and it’s not working any more, and they don’t seem to have any ideas.”

To remove Jim or Mike would be really difficult. At a capitalization of $23 billion, investors would have to fork over more than $1 billion to gain enough control to have any influence. Some analysts are suggesting it may happen with an activist, a person who invests in the company and attracts other like-minded investors to help gain control. One way to defend against an activist is to raise the stock value and make it more expensive to gain control of the company. In the past year, RIM has lost a quarter of its stock price, which now is very undervalued. It’s not clear if anything will satisfy the naysayers, or if they’re just out to slam RIM regardless of what it does. Launches on BlackBerry App World


Unsubscribing yourself is not always the easiest of processes, users tend to procrastinate managing the marketing emails that they’ve signed for by deleting the message immediately. is an app that uses a menu option to help properly manage email you no longer wish to receive. The app solves this problem by adding an “unsubscribe” option in the BlackBerry menu. When you find an email that you no longer want updates to, select it and then hit unsubscribe in the menu. will use their database to properly inform the company of your wishes. They also put pressure on offenders who do not have an easily accessible unsubscribe option or who don’t conform to CAN-SPAM laws.

In a world where BACN is the new SPAM, is the new SPAM blocker. The app is available for free if you just want to use the service 5 times a month. if you need more you can choose from a number of unlimited-use subscription plans, $5 monthly, $20 annually and $100 for a lifetime subscription.

Download the app from App World.

App World Icon Disappeared? Upgrade Available with Fix


app world

After last week’s App World update, some users running older OS versions, specifically OS 4.6 and 4.7, had their BlackBerry App World icon disappear. According to Inside BlackBerry, RIM has released a fix for this and the new version, BlackBerry App World v2.1.2.19, is available for download at the link below.

Download BlackBerry App World v2.1.2.19

Note: Users who weren’t affected by the missing icon issue may also see an upgrade notification for v2.1.2.19. The only change in this version is the missing icon fix.

RIM Officially Responds to Class Action Lawsuit Saying It’s “Without Merit”


lawyer dbags

A class action lawsuit was filed not too long ago against RIM claiming that the company misled investors regarding its financial condition and business prospects. We’re not sure exactly what’s going on here or what the law says about these investments, but it seems like the recent stock plunge has something to do with it. Chances are that an investment firm has lost a lot of money in RIM stock and is looking to mitigate that loss with a lawsuit payback. What investors should be doing is not reacting so emotionally to the market. Smartphone sales are up globally and RIM is well positioned to accommodate this growth. So Relax.
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