Apple Hires MobileNotifier Dev to be Make iOS Like BlackBerry 6


People love to criticize RIM and its platform and rarely give them credit when it’s due. In a recent hiring move, Apple has given RIM a nice compliment by hiring the developer behind MobileNotifier. In the words of the MobileNotifier developer Peter Hajas, MobileNotifier is iOS notifications “done right”. Watch the video to see MobileNotifier in action. Look familiar? That’s because it’s essentially the notification bar in BlackBerry 6. Well Apple was obviously impressed with the app and has recruited the developer. Does this mean that an upcoming iOS version will include something like the BlackBerry 6 notification bar? We hope so. It would hopefully put an end to all the comments about “stop trying to be like Apple.”

  • Caspan

    This is not a bash Apple comment at all but to have something that comes up in your face and does not go away until you click on it is annoying as hell. Blink the little red light and show a notification that you can check your notifications screen to see whats up. Never never interrupt the user unless it is very important. If you are looking at the screen and you do not notice a blinking red light then you have a bigger problem.

    I love the fact of having all notifications in 1 place that you can just click on. RIM did this with BlackBerry OS 6 but it’s not 100% there. about half the notifications show up in the area stuff like 3rd party people have not had a way to interact with it or either that they just don’t know how to. The way I would like it would be if my red light is blinking you go to the notifications area and click on what ever is making it blink.