Apple Announces Two Ripoffs of Popular BlackBerry Features at WWDC


RIM should really feel complimented at this year’s WWDC because Apple has announced its Notification Center and BBM-clone. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and these two announcements are definitely imitations. First of all, the notification center is a big announcement from Apple and it looks nearly identical to the notifications tab in BlackBerry 6. Granted, the iPhone version does have a nice “Clear All” feature that we could really use in OS 6. Another feature announced at WWDC is Apple’s new messaging platform. The platform seems to work just like BBM and it even comes with ‘delivered’ and ‘received’ notifications just like BBM. What’s interesting here is that Apple hasn’t copied any of the crucial viral app distribution elements that RIM has announced and demoed themselves at BBWC. This is definitely something Apple will also be copying and will surely announce at their next event.

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  • Paul Jerry

    The smartest thing someone could do here is either link the two - BBM and iMessage, or develop an app like IM+ to connect them. Love them or hate them, this move by Apple will be another nail in the stagnant Blackberry coffin.