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PIN sharing is still going really strong. We can see a great example of it on our facebook page where every day users comment their PIN. It seems to be most popular in Asia and South America, where users may not have the same worries about privacy as in North America. SearchBBM is a new site that connects BBM through Facebook and potentially other social networks (we assume Twitter is on its way). So if you’re in the mood to find a new BBM friend, we suggest you check it out.

To give it a shot, head over to

  • prettyb18

    female 16 dominican/ecudorian 16 ;p add low on contacts 22f257a4

  • Hisham

    217d9981. Hisham from Lebanon add me

  • abderrahim

    men 26 morocco pin 26765d67

  • abraham247

    Add me: male, 24 pin:22887C43

  • benn

    Add me 296f01fe 18 y/o male uk girls only

  • Shz

    22002E52 only 16 very sexy soo add!

  • nanz193

    hey add me :219F5BC9 only girls between 15 to 19 -20 plz

  • Patricia :)

    Add me up: 28AAFD28 f no pervs please

  • Paolo

    Add me 298FD229 girls only

  • Faheemah

    Female 2A107139 :)

  • rasss

    28753748 everyone welcome!

  • Jamal Afzal

    2218D4C9 my name is jamal im from lahore pakistan im 24 years old

  • majed

    add me 29c92487 good talked and handsome :)

  • sami

    sami atef

    live in kuwait

    add me bbm : 29179769

  • Kxne

    Bbm - 2922FC8D
    Add mee

  • Kxne

    Bbm - 2922FC8D

  • 2keyy

    ladies only lol :)

  • tafazzul hussain

    Hey. i’m new on bbm. Add me people. -294EACEB

  • sarfraz

    A handome hunk doctor 22D4B861.

  • jay

    add me up. 18 male, 321167D0

  • Bryce Coombs

    girls between 11 and 12 add me 2956D4E4 or boys dont mind

  • Mcsoro25

    Hi Guy!!… im kinda new on BBM… i speak French, Spanish and English… kindly add me… i’m always borred here…

  • Mcsoro25

    Hey!! Kinda new on BBM… i speak French, Spanish and English… kindly add me if your a girl above 20 @ 213d04c9

  • Jenny


  • Yazan

    Hey people add me bbpin:2921202c

  • WAN azreai daniel

    add me 27847FF8

  • cute prince

    hey guyz ad me 27CF8D8D

  • yudhi

    only for girls…. 2A930691 (yudhi)…..

  • Amy-jane

    Add me 2A200555 I’m a girl 13 English xx

  • Ellie May


  • twist


  • Arumita

    Hi I am a journalist, a wildlife photographer and a documentary director. female. fun loving. people can add me at 2A07A316. :)

  • dylan

    29DA4E66- add , 17 male



  • ‘Mudasir Hussain’

    Bbm Pin:28AE6F99

  • don costa

    Hello everyone, my name is don costa and am new on bbm so I neeed so contacts okay pin:292D3437

  • leem

    add me 233022d4

  • edho

    invite me ok 24de1029

  • senny


  • masood614

    pin: 22198de9… add me 20 years male

  • shannon

    Add me I’m 17, female 24FBFBE7

  • benson rolland

    add me my name is Benson rolland 2a2cdd85

  • cent

    Add me 7C8E095B

  • David R

    add me ladies only 7A880055

  • Michael

    Add me 7B689BC6 Male 31 USA


    add me boys n girls

  • rajaheaviz

    Hi m 28 frm Manchester. Plz add paki4lyf pin 7C10CADD

  • Jaredd

    7c919826 16