RIM Announces Acquisition of ScoreLoop to Improve Gaming Platform


RIM has announced that it has acquired the social gaming platform ScoreLoop. The company will be joining the BlackBerry platform and bringing their expertise in creating social and collaborative gaming toolkits for mobile developers to the BlackBerry platform. If you’re not familiar with the company, check out the above video. Essentially, ScoreLoop helps developers by helping them create community and loyalty programs within their games. If you have a fun, addictive game, plug it in to ScoreLoop and enable community messaging, rewards, points and more.

So far, RIM has announced the BBM Social Platform as a way of helping developers create a messaging and app sharing community around BBM, and it looks like they’ll be using the ScoreLoop team to help complement this environment. It will probably end up looking like the iOS Game Center but with a mobile BlackBerry look and feel (using BBM).

This is an awesome acquisition for improving mobile gaming on the BlackBerry platform because it will give developers access to more APIs and tools they can use to improve their games. On the other hand, RIM could have acquired a company that was a little more than just gaming. It would be interesting to see something like ScoreLoop but for all apps, not just games.