Poynt and WiLAN Announce Partnership to Distribute and License Patents


Image via G&M

Poynt has announced a partnership with WiLAN that will see WiLAN assist Poynt in the licensing of Poynt’s portfolio of patents related to internet advertising. In Poynt Corporation’s patent portfolio are patents relating to advertising and location and being able to serve ads based on location context. This is a market that’s growing very quickly and becoming more important with the ubiquity of smartphones. WiLAN is a company that specializes in licensing rights to intellectual property and patents so the deal makes a lot of sense. WiLAN also has a lot of technology partners in the laptop and mobile space, so we may see some white label and embedded technology potential with this deal.

UPDATE: It’s also cool to note that Poynt has passed 8 million users across 7 countries.

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