The British Ministry of Defence Warns Foursquare Will Make You Dance With Terrorists


Foursquare for BlackBerry attracts terrorists.

The British Ministry of Defence has created a series of PSA ads to warn military personnel about the dangers of social media and exposing your whereabouts. The above video shows a couple girls checking in to a nightclub which ends up being metaphorically filled with terrorists. Sure, it’s possible that some sort of sleeper cell is potentially living in the UK and stalking foursquare profiles for the moment to strike. Yes, it is conceivable that a few of these people exist. But this is so typical of the defense industry’s approach to making us afraid to bulk up budgets. Don’t be scared, they just want your money. Another clip after the jump that warns of the dangers of Facebook.

This terrorist actually seems like a pretty nice guy. Thanks for keeping my mum company. The mask is necessary and the bullets are intimidating, but otherwise you’re a nice fellow.

  • Anonymous

    Why do the terrorists look like they came out of Counter Strike? rofl