Avatar Builder Looks Cool but Not Available in Canada


avatar builder

There’s been some buzz lately about the Avatar Builder app that RIM released. It’s a pretty cool project that comes shortly after the success of several other avatar builders on App World. The problem, is that for some reason RIM has decided to not support its home country of Canada. The app even supports countries like Saint Vincent and the Grenadine, but not the country where its headquarters is located. It’s almost hilarious.

The app’s purpose seems to be a way to promote the BlackBerry Newsletter which contains special offers, news and app recommendations. But even when you sign up for the newsletter, Canada is available as a country to select.

So if you’re in any other country on the planet other than Canada, feel free to check out the girls and guys versions of the Avatar Builder. It looks like a fun way to make a new BBM avatar.

Update from BerryReview: For those of you whose country limits them from downloading this app, you can grab it OTA from these links:

Avatar Builder Guys Edition - http://goo.gl/0Wzmn
Avatar Builder Girls Edition - http://goo.gl/DvmUO

Apparently it has something to do with the EULA which is completely insane because nobody is going to sue over an avatar. RIM Legal needs to get their heads examined.

  • Anonymous

    It is the 1st time I don’t mind Brasil being out of the app-release-loop hehe.

  • Elessar Cm

    The Avatar builder is certainly available in Canada. I’ve had it since the release. So has my daughter and a number of my colleagues.

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Welcome to RIM legal!!!! It’s all about covering your ass as a business. Could you imagine if someone sued RIM for 50 million dollars because they have rights to that name or something stupid. Hind sight is 20/20 as they say but there is no choice with a name like RIM and something offered as a free “cool look at this app”. Not worth the pain in the ass.

  • ME

    I live in Canada, Waterloo, ON to be exact and am able to use this app no problem :)

  • http://twitter.com/digitalhomeboy DigitalHomeBoy

    Not sure how everyone else got it on its release day as it certainly is not available through App World. Thanks for the link above BBCool, but every time I run the app, it crashes my Torch (OS6.0.0.576). I’ll learn to live without.

  • http://whatafy.com whatafy

    It doesn’t look that cool at all. 

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