Mobile Roadie Discontinues Support for BlackBerry


While we don’t consider Mobile Roadie to be significant enough to merit making any kind of industry analysis over it, it’s still interesting that a developer group would outright say they’re not supporting BlackBerry. The company probably hadn’t invested much in BlackBerry anyways and are simply jumping on the bandwagon of hate for RIM lately. From their catalog, it seems the only app that really got any exposure of theirs was the Bill Cosby app, and it was an app we laughed at and enjoyed but really shrugged our shoulders at anyways. The reasons for ending support for BlackBerry are as follows:

Any new product launch is a challenge, and along with it comes a learning process. In launching Blackberry, we had a unique set of challenges not present when we developed our iPhone or Android products. These challenges included smaller screens, underpowered processors compared to iPhone/Android, and BES, Blackberry’s corporate enterprise service, that often wreaked havoc with our app’s connection to our servers.

It’s a good point that determining the proper connection is a little more complicated on a BlackBerry due to BES. But it seems hardly worth canceling support for the entire platform. Apparently BlackBerry users weren’t all that interested in their apps anyways:

We also had a hard look at engagement of Blackberry users. We were surprised to find that while, on average, over 50% of our iPhone/Android users logged in via Facebook or Twitter and interacted with the app, less than 2% of Blackberry users bothered to log in. In other words, Blackberry users’ engagement with the apps was about 1/20th of iPhone/Android.

This makes sense to cancel the BlackBerry app if nobody seems interested in engaging. Perhaps it has something to do with the BlackBerry market versus iPhone and Android. There may be some truth to the smartphone stereotypes that BlackBerry users are interested more in getting things done and communicating rather than spending time on the Linkin Park app.

In the end, there are still millions of BlackBerrys around the world and if you can’t make money from millions of smartphone users, it’s almost certainly your fault and not RIM’s. There are plenty of developers making money on App World, and a Bill Cosby app just isn’t the way to do it.