Seesmic Discontinuing Support for BlackBerry is of No Consequence


herd mentality
This is the smartphone industry these days.

Maybe it’s just because the tech industry is starved for good content or because bloggers have become too lazy to produce their own ideas, but everyone is repeating the story about Seesmic dropping support for BlackBerry as though it’s RIM’s problem. Seesmic makes social media tools. It’s sort of like a SocialScope but the BlackBerry version included support for Salesforce Chatter. The fact that Seesmic is dropping support for the BlackBerry platform is of zero consequence. They aren’t really providing anything all that great to BlackBerry users and the app reviews on App World aren’t all that good either. The fact that they’re dropping BlackBerry support will just leave room for the other developers and will have no bearing on RIM’s business.

We’ve said it before but there are millions of BlackBerrys circulating the globe. If you can’t make a sustainable business from such a captivated market then it’s not the platform that’s the problem, it’s your business model. Sure, you may find support for Android or iOS easier due to your developer base or business model, but it’s worth considering that all smartphone users are not alike, and perhaps some apps are better suited for certain platforms. And yes, RIM could be making it easier with screen sizes, but it’s not that difficult to support multiple screen sizes. Foursquare supports everything from the 8100 to the 9930.

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