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Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Master Edition With Multiplayer Available Everywhere


There’s a new Trivial Pursuit game in App World by Electronic Arts but the submission process is a little strange. The game looks to be divided between three submissions and it’s not available in the Americas or Japan. The good thing is that the game is available to everyone, regardless of region, via the BlackBerryCool/Bplay store. The game is packed with 1000 questions. It also features Pass ‘N Play with friends so you can play multiplayer. You can also customize the length of gameplay in Classic Mode, or race through fast-paced levels and finish first in Pursuit Mode.

Check out Trivial Pursuit in Bplay.

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Another Demo of Wikitude Augmented Reality App for BlackBerry


YouTube link

The BlackBerry Bold Touch was a pretty cool smartphone that we got our hands on back at BlackBerry World. It was nice how the light device fits into your pocket and you almost forget that it’s even there. With a built-in-compass (magnetometer) that supports location-based services and augmented reality, the device looks like it will be a decent stepping stone until the following year when the QNX smartphones come out. From the demo, we see the app’s ability to bring up information from a variety of sources including BBM and Foursquare, and bring them on a map or into the Augmented Reality view in the camera. It’s too bad that you can only see your current BBM contacts in the Augmented Reality view though. It would have been really cool to see other BBM contacts who at least also have Wikitude.

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Seesmic Discontinuing Support for BlackBerry is of No Consequence


herd mentality
This is the smartphone industry these days.

Maybe it’s just because the tech industry is starved for good content or because bloggers have become too lazy to produce their own ideas, but everyone is repeating the story about Seesmic dropping support for BlackBerry as though it’s RIM’s problem. Seesmic makes social media tools. It’s sort of like a SocialScope but the BlackBerry version included support for Salesforce Chatter. The fact that Seesmic is dropping support for the BlackBerry platform is of zero consequence. They aren’t really providing anything all that great to BlackBerry users and the app reviews on App World aren’t all that good either. The fact that they’re dropping BlackBerry support will just leave room for the other developers and will have no bearing on RIM’s business.

We’ve said it before but there are millions of BlackBerrys circulating the globe. If you can’t make a sustainable business from such a captivated market then it’s not the platform that’s the problem, it’s your business model. Sure, you may find support for Android or iOS easier due to your developer base or business model, but it’s worth considering that all smartphone users are not alike, and perhaps some apps are better suited for certain platforms. And yes, RIM could be making it easier with screen sizes, but it’s not that difficult to support multiple screen sizes. Foursquare supports everything from the 8100 to the 9930.

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Mobile Roadie Discontinues Support for BlackBerry


While we don’t consider Mobile Roadie to be significant enough to merit making any kind of industry analysis over it, it’s still interesting that a developer group would outright say they’re not supporting BlackBerry. The company probably hadn’t invested much in BlackBerry anyways and are simply jumping on the bandwagon of hate for RIM lately. From their catalog, it seems the only app that really got any exposure of theirs was the Bill Cosby app, and it was an app we laughed at and enjoyed but really shrugged our shoulders at anyways. The reasons for ending support for BlackBerry are as follows:

Any new product launch is a challenge, and along with it comes a learning process. In launching Blackberry, we had a unique set of challenges not present when we developed our iPhone or Android products. These challenges included smaller screens, underpowered processors compared to iPhone/Android, and BES, Blackberry’s corporate enterprise service, that often wreaked havoc with our app’s connection to our servers.

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Avatar Builder Looks Cool but Not Available in Canada


avatar builder

There’s been some buzz lately about the Avatar Builder app that RIM released. It’s a pretty cool project that comes shortly after the success of several other avatar builders on App World. The problem, is that for some reason RIM has decided to not support its home country of Canada. The app even supports countries like Saint Vincent and the Grenadine, but not the country where its headquarters is located. It’s almost hilarious.

The app’s purpose seems to be a way to promote the BlackBerry Newsletter which contains special offers, news and app recommendations. But even when you sign up for the newsletter, Canada is available as a country to select.

So if you’re in any other country on the planet other than Canada, feel free to check out the girls and guys versions of the Avatar Builder. It looks like a fun way to make a new BBM avatar.

Update from BerryReview: For those of you whose country limits them from downloading this app, you can grab it OTA from these links:

Avatar Builder Guys Edition –
Avatar Builder Girls Edition –

Apparently it has something to do with the EULA which is completely insane because nobody is going to sue over an avatar. RIM Legal needs to get their heads examined.

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Fixmo Launches Web Messenger (BBM for Desktop) in App World


Fixmo Web Messenger

Fixmo has launched a cool app that brings BBM to the desktop called Web Messenger. The app allows you to access BBM from any web browser, whether it’s on Mac or PC. The app also uses a secured connection between the web browser and the BlackBerry to ensure your communications remain safe. Since the beta that was released on May 1st, there have been some decent performance improvements as well as further enhanced end-to-end message security.

Currently, Fixmo’s Web Messenger is on sale for $2.99 in App World and will go up to $4.99 regularly.

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