Rogers Flips the Switch on LTE in Ottawa and Selling LTE Rocket Stick


Ottawa LTE

Rogers has flipped the switch on the LTE network in Ottawa and the above map shows the coverage. The coverage is really decent and it’s interesting that Rogers chose Ottawa as the launch city. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the city is so incredibly vast and 90% of it is in a country setting. That brings to mind what the value of LTE is over WiFi. While LTE speeds are great for those who are on the move and want high speeds on their laptop, most people will probably just opt for a location with WiFi if possible. There are very few times when the average person is going to be in need of a connection, with no WiFi available, unable to tether or in need of speeds faster than 3G, and willing to pay the price for the Rocket Stick.

Who is actually buying into LTE? Perhaps we should be looking at better WiFi solutions before thinking about how to get little Johnny playing Call of Duty on his laptop while on the 20 minute bus ride home.

We’re also not even sure how much the Rocket Stick even costs yet. According to Rogers, it will be $169.99 no term and $79.99 on a 3-year. Plan details will be announced when the sticks are available for pickup.