Zantel Hires BlackBerry Development Shop to Kickstart African Apps Market



Etisalat, which owns a controlling stake in Tanzania’s Zantel, has partnered with app development shop EMS, to develop a new app store for BlackBerry apps. The new store will provide a wide range of apps including games, instant messaging, social networking, news, weather and PIM apps. The Zantel chief commercial officer, Mr Norman Moyo said in the statement that his company decided to come up with the initiative after realising that Africa and Tanzania in particular is in dire need of BlackBerry applications. The problem with the new store is that the carrier should be partnering with RIM on the initiative, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. We know Etisalat has been spying on its users before, and even though it’s a Zantel initiative, the carrier’s reputation is very tarnished and one should be weary of anything they’re involved in.

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