Startup Showcase: Cheek’d is Online Dating Reversed #startupfest


Cheek’d is a new take on online dating and it could turn out to be pretty popular. The concept is that rather than meet people online and then in real life, Cheek’d helps you meet people in real life, then connect online. This is why the Cheek’d tag line is “online dating reversed”. Here is how it works:

Because sometimes it’s better to let a card do the talking for you, Cheek’d provides members with a deck of 50 cards, each bearing a flirtatious comment to charm and pique the curiosity of your intended. Also on the card, is your unique code linked to a private online profile that you’ve created. With card in hand, the object of your affection can enter your unique code at CHEEKD.COM, learn more about you and send you a message. Privacy protected and missed connection averted.

The Cheek’d approach makes a lot of sense as it takes the “creep” factor about of online dating. Since you’ve met in person first, you know exactly what the person looks like and you can learn more about them from the comfort of your home computer.

The downside of Cheek’d is that giving someone a card is a little corny. While a lot of people will really enjoy Cheek’d, there’s something to be said about being a little more old fashioned and getting someone’s phone number. As much as an online profile can tell you about someone, a phone conversation is always more personal and meaningful.

Give Cheek’d a try and let us know what you think. Register for the Cheek’d beta at this link.