Foursquare 3.0 Gets Official - Download it Now


Foursquare for BlackBerry is now officially 3.0 and it features an overhauled UI and deals from LivingSocial, Gilt City, BuyWithMe,, and zozi. The app also now has a full leaderboard to see what your friends are doing and the next update will include BBM integration.

The problem with Foursquare has always been that the effort required to checkin somewhere never really had any significant reward. Sure, you could tell your friends where you are, but if they’re really your friends they probably know. You also might get some reward from telling your Twitter and Facebook followers where you are, but they actually don’t care. There is nothing worse than seeing someone in your Twitter stream checkin to some errand they’re running as though anyone actually cares about the minutia in their day.

The most recent update is the first major step towards addressing this problem. By integrating deals from a variety of sources, the checkin gives you more rewards and the app brings more value to the table. The next major issue for foursquare to address is “checkin fatigue”. Do I really have to manually tell foursquare where I am? It would be great if it did that for me and pushed me deals I might be interested in.

Download the latest version of foursquare OTA from

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