OnPage Priority Messaging App Turns Your BlackBerry Into a Pager


OnPage is a smartphone pager and Priority Messaging Application for mobile devices. The app combines the simplicity and urgency of a conventional pager with the simplicity, power and features of a BlackBerry. With onPage, you can receive priority messages and respond securely and reliably. Pagers are still used by healthcare professionals because they provide a direct funnel for critical, emergency messages that are prioritized over all the other email/text noise out there. OnPage ensures the same, making a unique sound no matter what audio settings your phone is on. OnPage eliminates the need for a separate device too. Other features of OnPage include:

Protects User Privacy/Identity – OnPage enables people to contact you on your phone without actually having to give out your personal phone number; something many doctors don’t want to do.
Enables Two-Way Communications – On classic paging devices, it is impossible to guarantee that your message went through without confirmation via follow-up phone call. OnPage creates an audit trail that shows when the page was sent, delivered and read.
Speeds Response Time in Emergencies – Pager networks are often slow, so using OnPage can actually shave seconds off of message delivery time which can be critical in emergency situations.

You can grab a copy of the OnPage app in App World at this link.