Behind the Scenes in the Development of Scrapbook for PlayBook


Was there always a Research in Motion, Sweden? With the acquisition of TAT there is one now. We’ve been told that the TAT team is mostly working on the QNX smartphone stuff but they also have some fun apps for the PlayBook such as the Scrapbook. The Scrapbook app is cool but also pretty lame when you think that TAT is a company of 150 or so employees. It would be great to see something a little cooler from them like a new Facebook app or a complete overhaul of the Twitter for BlackBerry UI.

According to the TAT team, the Scrapbook demo app was created to show off the power of the PlayBook. “Our intention was to create a fun, comprehensive and visually impressive demo that communicates the power and potential of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.” The app therefore should have used the full potential of the PlayBook and BlackBerrys “Always On” mentality. The Scrapbook app isn’t exactly a Super App.

The latest update to the app includes:

  • Share Scrapbooks on your Facebook wall
  • New postcard and summer themes
  • Delete Scrapbooks
  • The history and teams behind Scrapbook

Head over to Inside BlackBerry and read more about how the Scrapbook app came to be.