Educational App for Kids - Super Baby GO! Now Available on Bplay


super baby go

As a parent, I’ve fallen victim to many a public tantrum-fest with nary an infant-friendly distraction to be found. Fellow parents, I know you feel me on this one. We’ve all been that mom or dad at least once. However, there is one thing that children, infants especially, have always seemed to have an insatiable curiosity for: our smartphones. Although, at the risk of them dialing someone on the other side of the planet and subsequently racking up a phone bill of $364,654,723, parents often opt out of letting their cute little slobbery poop machines play with their phones…until now.

Super Baby GO! transforms your BlackBerry into an educational, entertaining, and - most importantly - a safe way to occupy your child during those times when nothing else will do. Filled with activities that are full of colourful animations, fun sounds, and engaging content, this is the perfect app to have in a jam. You won’t even have to worry about them dialing anyone because the app will automatically intercept any keys that are pressed while the it’s running. All you have to do is launch the app, choose an activity, hand it over to your squealing pile of snot and tears, and voila! Problem solved.

The one thing this app won’t fix for you is the possible baby-fluid water damage your BlackBerry may incur. Maybe an Otterbox case?

Check out Super Baby GO! from Bplay now!