New Apps on iOS, Android and BlackBerry: FlareGun, Cordy, Viber and SyncSuite


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We’re here with another weekly roundup of some of the newest and hottest titles from BlackBerry, Android, and iOS. There’s always a ton of new content for each platform ranging from garbage cash sinks to really amazing games and useful apps. Here are some of the new apps that look cool this week:



Ever have trouble trying to guide someone to your location? Now you can send them a ‘Flare’ from your iPhone! With a tap, you can send your exact location to any phone number or anybody in your contact list.

Download FlareGun at this link.


Cordy is a little robot with a big job - to power up his world! Help Cordy run, jump, push, pull, lift, throw, bounce, swing, and hover in this beautiful console-quality 3D puzzle platform game.

Download Cordy at this link.


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty

Play as Captain America, the First Avenger, in an epic WWII setting. With 24 levels in stunning HD, precise touch controls, and an entirely original story and soundtrack, this premium mobile game for Android is worth every penny.

Check out Captain America in the Android Market.


Viber is a 100% free communication service that allows you to call or text anyone, anywhere, anytime. The only catch is that the people you’re trying to contact must also have the Viber app.

Read more about Viber in the Android Market.



A BlackBerry utility app that synchronizes your contacts and calendar with your Webmail interface using your email, and it will keep an up-to-date backup of all of your stored data in case you lose your phone.

Check out SyncSuite in App World for free.


Another great camera/photo for BlackBerry that allows you to take 5 different styles of photos and adds 5 different frames to your photos also.

Check out FrameFex in App World.

That’s all for this week’s roundup, folks. Looks like the world of mobile gaming is really looking up in terms of depth and graphic quality. Let us know if you have or will try out any of these titles - and be sure to rate and leave comments for the developers on their respective stores!

  • Viber

    This is a member of the Viber Development Team! :)
    Thanks for putting Viber on your list of recommended apps. We are very happy that so many people worldwide are interested in our application.

    If you have any question about Viber - please feel free to ask.

    Thank you, 
    the Viber Team.

  • DocGo

    I hope you will make a Viber app for Blackberry too!

  • Viber

    Viber for Blackberry is planned, but we don’t know yet when it will be ready. The reason for the delay is that Blackberry is much more technologically complex than iPhone or Android (it doesn’t support VoIP basically).

    We started putting more focus on it in the past few weeks, and if we have any news, we will announce it.

  • Ash

    Any update on Viber for BB yet?

  • Viber

    Unfortunately we still don’t have exact release dates, but it’s definitely getting closer and closer - we are at advanced levels of development.

    It is fair to say that it won’t take months now. Stay tuned for news on this issue in our Facebook page.

  • Triple_sy

    Any update on Viber for BB now that we are in 2012?

  • Viber

    We’re doing our best so Viber for BB is ready as soon as possible, but we also want to make sure we release a finished product that’s been properly tested for bugs and problems, so giving an exact release date is unfortunately not yet possible.
    Several weeks is a realistic estimation, but once we have concrete news, we will keep you posted. We promise ;)

  • Hsn_jny

    any news for viber with bb

  • Viber

    Still working on it.
    We hope to release a beta version of the app soon, and once we have news we will publish it on our Facebook page.