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Sencha Releases Sencha Touch Charts for Interactive Mobile Web Data


sencha touch charts

Sencha Touch allows you to develop mobile web apps that look and feel native on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry touch devices. Sencha has recently announced a new feature called Sencha Touch Charts that aims to “change how people interact with mobile web data.” The new Touch Charts add-on allows users to explore and interact with data in-session without high latency server image serving. Users can zoom in and out of data, as well as pan across data sets and quickly aggregate and filter data series. It should be interesting to see what PlayBook apps can take advantage of this add-on, as it sounds like it would be great for an app like Data Drilling.

Head to this link to read the blog post announcing Sencha Touch Charts.

Head over to the Sencha website to read more about Touch Charts.

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Xobni and Evernote Launch Gadget to Track Notes on Address Book Contacts


Evernote is a great app that’s used by millions. The app is a simple note taking service that syncs with the cloud so you have your notes anywhere you go, regardless of platform. Evernote and Xobni, our favorite contact management solution, have partnered on an Evernote gadget in Xobni that allows you to take notes on your Xobni Contacts, browse your notes and associate your notes with a contact – all while syncing with your Evernote account. Features include:

  • Search for a contact in Xobni to see any notes that you have taken that include that person’s name or email address.
  • Create a new note for a person or company and it’s automatically associated with the email address and name of the person for whom you are creating the note.
    Search Evernote right from your inbox to find and associate any note with a person or company in your Outlook inbox.

To access the Evernote gadget, you’ll need a free or premium Evernote account with Xobni for Outlook 2.0, which is a free download.

Head here to get the Evernote gadget.

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App Round Up: What’s New On iOS, BlackBery and Android


smartphone apps

A great way for developers to keep things fresh is to keep one eye on what developers are doing on other platforms. It can help with inspiration for new ideas and how to improve on existing products. Let’s check out what’s been happening on BlackBerry, iOS, and Android this week:
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Behind the Scenes in the Development of Scrapbook for PlayBook


Was there always a Research in Motion, Sweden? With the acquisition of TAT there is one now. We’ve been told that the TAT team is mostly working on the QNX smartphone stuff but they also have some fun apps for the PlayBook such as the Scrapbook. The Scrapbook app is cool but also pretty lame when you think that TAT is a company of 150 or so employees. It would be great to see something a little cooler from them like a new Facebook app or a complete overhaul of the Twitter for BlackBerry UI.

According to the TAT team, the Scrapbook demo app was created to show off the power of the PlayBook. “Our intention was to create a fun, comprehensive and visually impressive demo that communicates the power and potential of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.” The app therefore should have used the full potential of the PlayBook and BlackBerrys “Always On” mentality. The Scrapbook app isn’t exactly a Super App.

The latest update to the app includes:

  • Share Scrapbooks on your Facebook wall
  • New postcard and summer themes
  • Delete Scrapbooks
  • The history and teams behind Scrapbook

Head over to Inside BlackBerry and read more about how the Scrapbook app came to be.

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Sling Golf for PlayBook Getting Huge Update with New Courses, Characters and More


sling golf

If you haven’t played Sling Golf for the PlayBook then you should definitely check it out now. Sling Golf is a fun, cartoon golf game with unique characters and courses. You swing your club in a sling motion, hence the name, and make your way through some really odd and challenging holes. BoldCloud let us know that they’re working on a big update to be completed this weekend, with App World approval and launch soon after. The update will feature:

  • 3 new courses (Beach, Cemetary, and Fall).
  • 2 new characters ( A Lion and a Polar Bear).
  • Some animated transitions between the new courses.
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • A “Buy Full version” button on the “Sling Golf Lite” product.

Check out the full version of Sling Golf at this link.

Check out the free Sling Golf Lite at this link.

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Polar Mobile Unleashes 500 Apps for Metroland Media Group News Properties


kunal gupta
Polar Mobile’s Kunal Gupta

We love Polar Mobile but they’re almost too good at what they do. The company has already passed over 150 apps created for BlackBerry and they’re still on a roll. Be prepared to see a huge influx of news apps in App World as the company has announced that it’s launching more than 500 applications for Metroland that will run across a range of platforms, including the iPad and iPhone, BlackBerry and PlayBook, as well as Android and Windows Phone 7. The deal will bring Metroland’s 104 local community newspapers to the smartphone and tablet realm in app form. Metroland will also take advantage of Polar’s technology for publications such as Sports Illustrated, Vogue and MacLean’s.

Any media companies looking to get their own app, check out Polar Mobile’s offerings.

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