Boomerang Mobile for Gmail Lets You Schedule Emails, Reminders and More


Boomerang is an interesting product that lets you schedule emails and get reminders. When you have Boomerang integrated with your email, you can schedule an email that you received today, to be sent back to you at a later date (hence the boomerang name). With Boomerang, you can also set emails to come back to you if the receiver has not replied to your message. This is particularly great for PR companies and following up on stories.

Recently, Boomerang launched Boomerang Mobile, a mobile web version that lets you access the service from your BlackBerry. The mobile version has all the Boomerang features that come in the Desktop version such as: Scheduled Sending, Boomerang, Response-Tracking, and a dashboard view to let you view and reschedule your messages.

To check out Boomerang Mobile, head over to and give it a test.

Details on pricing available at the Boomerang site.