5 Must-Add Custom Search Engines for BlackBerry 7


One of the great things about the new web browser in BlackBerry 7 is the ability to add custom search engines. The problem is that it can be a little frustrating defining the URL needed to make those custom search engines work. We’ve put together a list of 5 URLs that you should definitely have on your custom search engine list.

Here are 5 search engines that you can use and the URL you need to enter in the Address field. Remember, go to Browser > Options > Manage Search Engines to do this.

1. Google (find anything)


2. Amazon (great product search)


3. Yahoo! (decent news search)


4. Pretzil (find apps)


5. eBay (currently no eBay app for BlackBerry 7)


NOTE: If you’re looking to add other search engines, follow these steps:

1. Hit the site on your device.
2. Perform a search for a keyword (eg. “blackberry”)
3. Copy and paste the URL into the Address field in the options
4. Replace the keyword with %s