App Roundup - Tablet Edition: What’s New on BlackBerry, iOS and Android


For our weekly app roundup this week, I decided to run a tablet edition. With the growing popularity in the tablet market, it’s neat (and often important for developers) to check out what’s trending on other platforms so that they can better their own. Check out a few of the most popular tablet apps and games for iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and Android-powered tablets.


outline for ipad

Outline for iPad

A great app for OneNote users. It syncs all of your OneNote files to your iPad via USB cable with optimized tablet viewing. Perfect for travelling light and people on the go.

pinhole for ipad

Pinhole HD for iPad

A beautiful high definition photo-editing app. This is a reworking of an older, standard definition app that can import and export photo libraries, has tons of new photo frames and effects, and allows you to develop your finished photos in the background while you work on other photos simultaneously.


vendetta for android

Vendetta Online

A visually stunning, intense MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) that’s a flight simulator set in outerspace. Aside from how pretty this game is to look at, it will be interesting to see how the classic PC gamers who love MMORPGs will take to this game.

flight track for android


So this isn’t exactly a new app per se, but it’s still a must-have, especially for people who travel on airplanes a lot. It’s a real-time flight tracker that let’s you know where your flight is, notifies you of any possible delays, if your flight gets cancelled, and can also help you find another flight in the event of cancellation or prolonged delay.


hangman for playbook

Hangman for PlayBook

This game is excessively simple, and apparently, that’s what PlayBook users want (myself included). Hangman has been floating around the top spot of most popular games on PlayBook’s App World for a couple of weeks, so I downloaded it the other day. It’s exactly what it says, and nothing more. It has 3 levels of difficulty and about 8 different word categories. It’s simple and perfect for passing the time.

cure with diet

Cure With Diet for PlayBook

This is an awesome reference app from Winjit Technologies. It’s chalk full of information on how to lose weight in health ways, how to prevent, treat, and cure ailments with certain foods, and tackles frequently asked, rarely answered questions like “what should I eat before I exercise?” and “What can I eat to improve my memory?” I’ve already spent a few hours reading through all the different tips and helpful pointers contained in this app, and it’s been fairly helpful. The only thing I’d like to see added are recipes and real studies.

That’s all for this week. If you’re a tablet user, let us know what your favourite apps and games are!

  • Tablet in a Minute

    I would love to see more BlackBerry developers create apps for the PlayBook

  • Tablet in a Minute

    I would love to see more BlackBerry developers create apps for the PlayBook

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