5 Cool New Apps and Games for the BlackBerry PlayBook


The PlayBook is still going strong with developers making apps and games for the platform. Even though the device would be even better if it didn’t need the BlackBerry Bridge, it’s not the worst case scenario and we know native PIM apps are on the way. It’s very possible that PlayBook sales will pick up once the stigma that you need a BlackBerry to have a PlayBook is gone. While you’re waiting for native PIM apps and the Android player, check out these 5 apps/games.

BlackOut Memory Game with Social Features

blackout memory game

BlackOut is an interesting memory game that takes the Picasa API to randomly download pictures that you need to match. What sets it apart from other memory games is that you can connect to Twitter and share your highscores as well as play with others. BlackOut is a fun take on the memory game genre and best of all it’s free.

Check out BlackOut in App World.

Movie Vault - Great Classic Films


Movie Vault is a really cool app that spans multiple platforms including Android, iOS and of course BlackBerry. The app gives you access to classic, feature length films to your PlayBook. With over 900 titles, you definitely get your money’s worth. The reason you likely get all of these titles for one price, may have something to do with either the company buying cheap licensing rights or if a movie passes a certain number of years in circulation it no longer retains its copyright (books do this).

Check out Movie Vault in App World.

Light Keeper

Light keeper game

Light Keeper is a fun game that has you avoiding night creatures and turning off the lights in the haunted mansion. The game comes with 25 levels and great sound and graphics. Currently, the game is free but it’s possible they’ll release more levels and have a pricing structure to follow.

Check out Light Keeper in App World.

Comwave ePhone

comwave ephone app

The Comwave ePhone app for the PlayBook is a cool alternative to Skype and comes with a satisfying free trial. We don’t expect Skype to come to the PlayBook any time soon, but with the Comwave ePhone app, you get a free trial of 100 minutes to call any number you’d like (granted it’s within the list of 60 countries). If you’re satisfied with the service, you can upgrade to a $20 per year subscription that gives you 250 minutes per month and free incoming.

Check out Comwave ePhone in App World.

DeadSpace for the PlayBook


DeadSpace is a hugely popular console game and it’s really cool to see it come to the PlayBook. It’s games like this that take advantage of the PlayBook hardware and show other developers what you can really do with this tablet. The only difference is that RIM may have paid for the game to be ported because many developers aren’t sure if the tablet has sold enough to merit so much development. Either way, it’s awesome to see this game and we’re hoping this is just the beginning.

Check out DeadSpace for the PlayBook in App World.