BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Smartphones Updated With Mic API and More


RIM is in an interesting phase these days trying to balance all of the ways that you can write apps for the BlackBerry platform. It’s an interesting strategy that could potentially gather more developers than any other platform by attracting developers from all walks of life. The problem is maintaining all of these SDKs and making sure that each one is up to speed with another. Sometimes it seems like the WebWorks SDK gets more attention, but that probably makes sense as the web developer base is so large.

In a recent update to the WebWorks SDK for smatphones, RIM has included new capabilities such as:

  • NTLM & BASIC Authentication support (NTLM support requires a BlackBerry Enterprise Server)
  • Camera API (take a picture or a video)
  • Top Banner Indicator API
  • Enhanced Push APIs
  • Improved rendering speeds for applications not using loading/transition screens

Read more about the update at the Developer Blog.

Also, you can download the latest WebWorks SDK for smartphones at this link.