RIM and Mobile Innovations Show Off PlayBook in Law Enforcement


We have seen the PlayBook in law enforcement vehicles before and now RIM has teamed up with Mobile Innovations to make a cool video showing off the product. It’s worth watching both the video made by BlackBerry, as well as the video made by Mobile Innovations, because it shows the various hardware benefits of a PlayBook as well as a demo of the software running on the tablet.

Video made by RIM looks great. Shows off the PlayBook hardware benefits.

Mobile Innovations and RIM make a really great case for why the PlayBook is the best solution for law enforcement. The PlayBook is light, small, tough and versatile. This means that the hardware is easily mounted and is compliant with all air bag and safety regulations. Since it’s a tablet, an officer has a keyboard that can move positions depending on whether the officer is driving, parked, or if the passenger wants control. The tablet is also easily removed and can be brought outside the vehicle to get information on the go (non-WiFi, radio-based PlayBooks will be essential in this scenario).

This is the video by Mobile Innovations.

In this video by Mobile Innovations, you get a more detailed look at what the software on the PlayBook is like. The company has done an excellent job of deploying a software/hardware solution in the concept car that gives the officer full control over the vehicle and situation. The PlayBook software can control the lights, horn, warning systems, and get full access to Record Management Systems in an instant. This system by Mobile Innovations is definitely the future of law enforcement.

Head over to the Mobile Innovations site to learn more about their products.

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