SmrtGuard Offers Free Panic Button App: Personal Guardian


Not that long ago we mentioned that Guardly, a panic button app for iPhone, would be coming to the BlackBerry platform. Well it looks like SmrtGuard, the BlackBerry platform veteran, is prepared for the launch and is offering its Personal Guardian app free of charge. Read more about this awesome app from SmrtGuard.

SmrtGuard has announced that its one-push panic button, Personal Guardian, is now available as a free download. The app, which used to cost $19.99, is now free and offers an effective panic button service. Once installed and configured, a three-second (configurable) touch of a convenience key allows the phone to silently trigger an emergency call to 911 or any other number as well as send an email, SMS or tweet, complete with GPS location tracking information, asking for help.

Check out the Personal Guardian site for more information.

You can also download Personal Guardian for free from App World.

Read our initial article about Guardly.

  • Diego Nei

    Sorry but… What’s new about this? I mean, didn’t SmrtGuard have this feature there like forever now?

    Ah, I see. It is a seprate app now. Hmm…

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