Take A Look At What’s Going On in The World of Apps


Each week, we like to show you what’s happening on the other major platforms for fun and, from a developer’s perspective, to get an idea of what the other audiences are looking for in terms of smartphone applications and games. Check out what’s new this week on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices.


Emmissary of War iOS

Emissary of War

A brand spanking new game from Vancouver’s Cedar Hill Games. It’s an action packed RPG style game that boasts a rich storyline and classic hack-and-slash game play. The graphics are stunning and the UI is very well put together. The first chapter is free, but the second chapter must be purchased in game. From what I’ve seen of the game, it’s well worth the $0.99.

pillboxie ios


This is a neat way for people who have to manage multiple medications to organize and keep track of all their different medications and when to take them. The app is displayed as a scrollable pillbox that shows each of your medications (whether it’s a pill, an inhaler, a liquid, etc) with a caption that will tell you what it is and when you’re supposed to take it. The app also lets you know when your prescriptions are up for refills. Pillboxie is the only medication management app that was developed by a registered nurse.

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Minecraft for Android

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Nerds rejoice! The hugely popular Java game has finally made its way to the Android platform. For those unfamiliar with the game, Minecraft is a sandbox style game wherein you can built your own world using cubical bricks on a fixed grid. There are no set goals and there’s no endgame achievement – but for some reason, a lot of PC gamers love it. In any case, it’s always nice to see an indie developer reaching out to more platforms.

economist app android

The Economist

The award-winning weekly magazine that deals with international affairs and big news stories has developed an app for Android devices. Now news and current affairs junkies can get their fix on the go. The app is very tidy and well put together, and it’s really easy to navigate. People who have already subscribed to the print and digital editions will automatically receive unrestricted access to the weekly full print edition on Android.


ispeech obama app

iSpeech Obama

This ridiculous app brought to us by iSpeech.org is just that. A ridiculous time waster that you can use to freak out your friends or just entertain yourselves. I can imagine some of you probably have some colourful things you’d love to hear the President of the United States say. Here’s your chance!



TrueText is a brand new app that allows you to block unwanted, incoming SMS messages. All you have to do is enter case sensitive keywords into the app, and it will catch all incoming messages which contain those keywords. TrueText also allows you to go back and see the block messages because it doesn’t delete them. Perfect for block those annoying chronic texters.

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    iSpeech obama is amazing! clearly all he ever speaks are rude swear rudes as this is the first thing you think to do! :) cool little app