Missed GROW2011 Conference? Check Out These Videos For Great Advice


The GROW2011 Conference was held in Vancouver and had some really interesting insight from entrepreneurs and tech leaders. The conference brought together Silicon Valley and Canada to help drive innovation and give some cool startups a chance to meet each other. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, there are some great videos for you to check out.

One company we really like is Kiip. Kiip is a service that puts real rewards into games. If you beat a highscore in the game, instead of winning a badge, why not win a free sample of a new cereal? It’s a great concept that merges the virtual and the real world. Even though the video’s sound quality isn’t great, it’s cool to hear the founder of Kiip Briang Wong’s “Six Things a Founder Needs to Know”.

There’s another great video with Brian Wong and Digg founder Kevin Rose that’s worth checking out.

While Mark Suster wasn’t actually at the conference, there’s a great video that he sent in with some helpful tips for entrepreneurs. Mark runs the Southern California Venture Capital Alliance (VCA) and is on the board of advisors for the venture capital fund of the UCSD Rady School of Business. Big shout out to Suster for calling the Valley lazy and saying Canada is far more motivated to do proper market analysis.

Another great company that has a sweet mobile offering is Hootsuite. The CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes, was at GROW2011 to talk about some interesting facts about Hootsuite as well as the story behind the company. It’s always interesting to hear about how a small bootstrapped company goes from a few users to over a million users and lots of funding. Also, if you’re a company considering where you should be headquartered, we recommend this video.

The above are our favorites but check out more on the GROW2011 YouTube page.

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