IBM Launches Cross-Platform IBM Connections Apps for Enterprise Social Media


IBM Connections is enterprise-grade social software that lets you build a network of colleagues and experts, and then leverage that network to reach internal goals. It’s an interesting initiative that should be of value to people in very large organizations. Click through to read more.

IBM Connections has grown as a service by offering native applications across all the major platforms including BlackBerry, iOS and Android. From the apps, you can share and discuss ideas, work collaboratively on presentations or proposals, plan and track project tasks, and more.

This software looks great for large enterprise, but the nature of the average company is changing and getting smaller. Startup culture and small businesses make up an increasing share of total employment and it would be great to see more social software for the SMB market.

Check out the IBM Connections app in App World.

Hit up the IBM Connections official blog for more details.