Rogers LTE Network Set To Launch in Toronto September 28th


Rogers has been rolling out its LTE network beginning with Ottawa and now Toronto. LTE devices are theoretically capable of 75Mbps download speeds, although typical user experiences put the actual download speeds somewhere between 12 and 15 Mbps. Click through to continue reading.

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Currently, the only announced smartphone capable of running on the Rogers LTE network is the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE. Rogers also has an LTE HotSpot available for reservation and an LTE Rocket Stick available for purchase in Ottawa. Rogers has also announced that they expect an LTE Tablet “from a leading manufacturer” and a few other Android smartphones available later this fall. We know RIM has cancelled its 4G tablet on Sprint, but is it in favor of the LTE PlayBook on Rogers?

Hit up the Rogers blog or the official LTE site for more details.

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