Poll: Where Was Your BlackBerry Manufactured?


Have you ever checked where your BlackBerry was made? BlackBerry manufacturing has been a hot topic lately as RIM has fired some of its North American manufacturing staff and began a new plant in Malaysia. There has also been major manufacturing shifts to plants in Mexico and Brazil. Here at the office, we have a Bold Touch 9900 and a 9810 made in Mexico, a PlayBook made in Taiwan, and a 9800 and an 8700 made in Canada. Where is yours from?

Check behind the battery to see where your BlackBerry was made and let us know.

To check where your device was made, lift the battery and look at the sticker. The sticker contains patent info, the PIN, an IMEI, the model number and where the device was made. See the above sticker for an example.


1. Your device model.
2. Where it was made.
3. Where you are located.

We have a very global reader base here at BlackBerryCool and it should be interesting to see where these devices are from.

  • Alin

    My 9790 is made in Taiwan,bought in Romania,i live in Romania.

  • Abbashaidersangi

    Torch 2 made in Canada, I live in Pakistan.

  • Sebastian

    Torch 9810
    Made in Mexico
    Bought in Sweden
    I live in Sweden.

  • Michael

    Torch 9860
    Made in Canada
    Bought UK

  • Pavaka

    Bold 9700 
    Made in Mexico
    Bought in Canada in 2010

  • Zukiro Sama

    Bold 9700
    Made in Mexico 
    Bought in KL, Malaysia
    Bold 9900
    Made in Hungary
    Bought in United Arab Emirates
    (just thought, i heard hungary products aren’t good if we compare with mexico. But no problem so far.)

  • Iffah

    curve 8520, made in taiwan and i live in malaysia..i wann know if this is the original set

  • chitownkp

    1. model:      torch 9810
    2. made in:   mexico
    3. live in:      chicago, IL, USA

  • Holly Judge

    mine is the curve 8520 was made in taiwan and i live in south africa.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bhavishadwani Bhavish Adwani

    bold 9700 made in Hungary 2

  • Andrew

    9360 curve
    Made in Malaysia
    Bought in The netherlands

  • 9900aans

    Made in mexico the second? How about the cell? Where it was made? Japan?
    I have the same type n made in mexico also. But the cell made in japan n patent pending. Further process in indo. I guess my battery was taken n put the wrong 1. Help pleasee

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JK4NATHTP6OR6NTFJFTPIOHGAU Quandra

    I love my BB, Playbook, etc. They’re reasonably priced and they’re not causing the poor indentured labour of China to commit suicide because of deplorable employment conditions, like the IPHONE and IPAD.

  • VLAD

    my 9550 S2 - made in Mexico
    end Playbook 64gb - made inTaiwan
    I Live in Ukraine !

  • Winger007

    thank God..Its not made in China…