Citrix Receiver for the BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available in Test Center


We have spoken to a few people about the use of the PlayBook in healthcare and we often here IT admins complain that there hasn’t been any optimized Citrix support. RIM has just announced that a Citrix Receiver for the PlayBook is now available in beta in BlackBerry App World, offering IT managers enterprise virtualization from the PlayBook. With the Citrix Receiver, users can access virtual desktops on servers running Microsoft Windows, as well as an organization’s enterprise apps, enabling standalone app virtualization. This is huge for industries such as healthcare that rely on Citrix virtualized systems. Continue reading for more details.

The Citrix environment opens up the PlayBook to a huge amount of interesting and specialized enterprise apps. Considering the PlayBook bills itself as the first enterprise grade tablet, this virtualization will go a long way to guaranteeing that message. Features of the new Citrix Receiver include:

Multitasking – similar to the PlayBook’s multi-tab browsing experience, the Citrix Receiver allows for multitasking between virtualized apps and desktops, and between multiple desktops themselves – all on the tablet’s seven-inch screen
Single “Sign On” Access – one single sign on access point provides full access to virtual apps and desktops
IT Controlled Built-in Enterprise App Hosting – IT managers can give self-service access to enterprise apps, much like you select apps from BlackBerry App World
Security – the unique FIPS-certified BlackBerry PlayBook tablet security protocols protect your data when using the Citrix Receiver
Peripheral Integration in High Definition – by pairing a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, you’ll gain full access to your remote desktop and apps on the PlayBook’s brilliant HD screen

Check out the Citrix Receiver in App World.

  • Anonymous

    There is no Gateway icon so I cannot add my servers gateway to connect with my secure environment. 

    Also if I connect with another network I can get to my apps but they won’t launch because we use 128bit encryption and I get an error saying that its a too high of a level of encryption to load the app.

    WTH is up with that?  They finally release the receiver and its non functional for the most part.

    The app itself is a sigh of relief though, the demo account you can create with preloaded apps seems to work great. Graphics are smooth for the most part however, It’s a little choppy at times. But i’m sure it will only get better with time.


  • Jettgerbil

    This is the “BETA” so CITRIX want to test and fix all these issues… can complain if the final version cannot to everything

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