GroupMe Goes 3.0 With New Features and Support for Canada


GroupMe was recently acquired by Microsoft/Skype for over $50 million. It’s a great sign that if you build a great app and company around it, you can still be acquired for a ton of money even if you don’t make a single dollar in revenue. The company doesn’t seem to have slowed down after its acquisition though and has announced version 3.0 which includes availability in Canada. Click through for more details.

GroupMe is a group messaging app that made some noise back at SxSW this year. While everyone was asking what the biggest success will be from the show, it seems GroupMe definitely takes the award in hindsight. The new version of GroupMe brings Questions, Direct Messages, and a new visual style to the core GroupMe experience.

With the latest version of GroupMe, users can create new groups and questions with people in their address book, as well as other people they know on GroupMe. With the new API, users should notice a faster feel to the overall app experience.

Check out GroupMe in App World.

You can also download directly OTA using this link.

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    UI is good.