Pressly to Bring Tablet Optimized Websites for iPad, Android and PlayBook


One of the challenges for publishers these days is that there is an exponentially growing number of devices where your content is being consumed. As more people are consuming content on smartphones, tablets and desktops, publishers need to keep up by offering optimized versions of their content for these platforms. Pressly is a startup that has an innovative and simple way for publishers to get tablet optimized versions of their websites up and running in a short time. Click through for more details.

The above video is CEO Jeff Brenner and CTO Peter Kieltyka giving a presentation at TechCrunch Disrupt. One of the most frustrating things about this presentation is Dustin Moskovitz, Facebook co-founder, is a Flipboard investor and set the tone for comparing the company to Flipboard. Pressly turns existing web pages into tablet optimized sites, while Flipboard tries to become your single destination. There’s a lot of talk about the conflicts of interest in TechCrunch and its investments and this just goes to show how they are still having a hard time separating investments from journalism. Perhaps users make better judges than investors.

If you are a publisher, definitely check out for a tablet optimized version of your site.