Review of Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Defense [Tower Defense]


LOTR: Middle Earth Defence is a tower defense game by Glu based on the Lord of the Rings feature films. The game follows Frodo and the fellowship of the ring on their long journey towards Mordor to destroy the ring in the same evil volcano in which the ring was originally forged. If you’re thinking about purchasing this game, you should definitely read this review.

Lord of the Rings

The game follows all the great battle sequences from the movie, with your heroes battling wave after wave of progressively harder to beat opponents. In this tower defense style game, the enemies don’t fire back but could lead to your failure if too many of them make it past your fighting force.

Place troops, block paths, position heroes, and upgrade them so they do the most damage to the enemy waves. The enemies start off easy and you earn gold and lumber by surviving waves. Use your resources to bolster your forces and add some in-path defenses.

The waves of enemies come in diverse waves; some are weak to melee attacks while others are susceptible to magic assaults from elven archers. There are also waves of hardened orcs, which must be first be weakened by melee then finished off with the ranged magic attacks. If you don’t end up putting them in the right order, your orcish enemies will have time to rapidly heal and slip by your barricade. There are also flying units, which bypass the walking path and can only be hit by your hopefully well-placed ranged units.

I found the gameplay very challenging and engaging as all the battle sequences had some nostalgic elements to them and are based on the battles that the fellowship of the ring had to fight throught the LOTR series of films. The game features 12 levels and 5 maps that you must defend. There is also an endless mode for those hoping to really test their tower defense meddle.

lord of the rings tower defense

I found the art was a little lacking and went the direction of a photo-realistic game trying to properly emulate the actors who played the characters. For mobile I prefer the clarity of well-designed simpler graphics but with this dark photo-realistic style, I found that I couldn’t tell too much of a difference between enemy units.

I enjoyed how difficult the game was with correct placement being the difference of life and death. This tower defense game really delivers a challenge, I give this game 3 stars out of a possible 5.

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